FlexSpotFF Games

2023 Standings for Week 17

1elementsoul 20010-6-025.00%
2.herbal 1508-5-023.08%
2tanay002 1505-2-042.86%
4mart121 1209-6-021.43%
5Madmike 1007-5-016.67%
5mOOSE 💎 1009-7-012.50%
7KingPin Ptl. Brando 507-6-07.69%
7Templare 506-5-09.09%
9Noro, First of His Name 104-4-02.86%
10allenisfeliz 08-8-00.00%
11Tee Cee -208-8-0-3.23%
11christhrowsrocks -200-0-0No bets
11Bootz ~Wan'Dale Superfan~ -200-0-0No bets
11Rob -200-0-0No bets
11Peppertoni -200-0-0No bets
11J. Downszn -200-0-0No bets
11ender2399 -200-0-0No bets
11chandlerbing310 -200-0-0No bets
11klaystation -200-0-0No bets
11bakrondo -200-0-0No bets
11pixelatedfool -200-0-0No bets
11selyk -200-0-0No bets
11Smelscifi -200-0-0No bets
11Snarky McGee -200-0-0No bets
11DUME [Guardian of the Galaxy] -200-0-0No bets
11.dragomir -200-0-0No bets
11champsdraftpartylive -200-0-0No bets
28verticle -506-7-0-7.94%
29dudekids -1006-8-0-14.71%
29ListEm™ -1004-6-0-20.00%
31code.monkey -3005-11-0-37.50%
32jom315 -3304-10-0-49.25%