FlexSpotFF Leagues

FFDiscord Club Rules

1. Object

1.1. The object of the FFDiscord Club is to win head-to-head matches of fantasy football, win promotions to Tier One, and win the Champions League to be crowned the FFDiscord Club Champion.

2. Commissioners

2.1. The commissioners are the following users: Christhrowsrocks, IceMaine, Madmike, and Noro.

2.2. Changes to the commissioners are determined by the current body of commissioners, and are limited to members with the Administrator role within the Flex Spot Football server.

3. Membership

3.1. The FFDiscord Club is a public set of leagues. In order to join the Club, you must be a member of the FFDiscord server throughout the season.

3.1a. The majority of communication for the FFDiscord Club is done through the FFDiscord server. It is expected that members are reasonably active and responsive to inquiries through the server.

3.2. Members from the previous season will be given a period of at least one week after registration is opened for priority placement. The deadline for priority registration will be announced on the server prominently.

3.3. After priority placement of members of the previous season, new members are added based on their registration submission date and time.

3.4. The commissioners reserve the right to limit the number of leagues that are run within a season. Reasons for this include, but are not limited to: balancing the number of leagues for even numbers for promotion and relegation, and logistics of managing the size of the overall league.

4. Rosters

4.1. Rosters will consist of the following positions:

  • 1 QB
  • 2 RBs
  • 2 WRs
  • 1 TE
  • 2 RB/WR/TE
  • 1 D/ST
  • 6 Bench slots
  • 1 IR

4.2. There are no limits on the number of players at one position a player may hold on their team.

4.3. The IR position may be used for players that are ruled out due to COVID-19, or designated as IR by their team. Players listed as “Out”, “Doubtful”, “N/A”, “DNR”, or “Susp” are not eligible for IR.

5. Scoring

5.1. All leagues will follow the decimal scoring system below.


  • 1 point for every 25 Passing Yards (0.04 per)
  • 2 points for every 2pt Conversion Passing
  • 4 points for every Passing TD
  • -2 points for every interception


  • 1 point for every 10 Rushing Yards (0.1 per)
  • 2 points for every 2pt Conversion Rushing
  • 6 points for every Rushing TD


  • 0.5 points for every Reception
  • 1 point for every 10 Receiving Yards (0.1 per)
  • 2 points for every 2pt Conversion Receiving
  • 6 points for every Receiving TD

Other Offense

  • -2 points for every Fumble Lost
  • 6 points for every Offensive Fumble Recovery TD
  • 6 points for every Punt Return TD
  • 6 points for every Kick Return TD

Defense/Special Teams

  • 6 points for every Defensive TD from an Interception
  • 6 points for every Defensive TD from a Fumble Recovery
  • 8 points for every Punt Return TD
  • 8 points for every Kick Return TD
  • 2 points for every Interception
  • 2 points for every Fumble Recovered
  • 4 points for every Safety
  • 1 point for every Sack
  • 3 points for every Blocked Kick
  • 0.50 points for every Tackle for Loss
  • -1 points for 350-449 Total Yards Allowed
  • -2 points for 450-549 Total Yards Allowed
  • -3 points for 550+ Total Yards Allowed
  • -1 points for Points Allowed 21-27
  • -2 points for Points Allowed 28-34
  • -3 points for Points Allowed 35+

6. Draft

6.1. Draft Date/Time will be determined by the members of each individual league to accommodate all members as best as possible. It may not be possible to accommodate all members, but the goal is to accommodate the most members.

6.2. Draft order is randomized at least one hour before the draft. The method of randomization may be determined by the members of the individual league, but it must be fully random, as deemed by the commissioners.

6.3. It is important that members respond in a reasonable amount of time at the point when the leagues are being created and draft times are being selected. Members that don’t respond within 72 hours for selecting preferred draft times or aren’t signed up for their leagues 72 hours before the draft is scheduled to start may be replaced via the waitlist.

6.4. The draft will be 15 rounds in a snake format.

6.5. All drafts will be run using a 90-second pick timer.

6.6. Draft picks cannot be traded.

6.7. There are no requirements to fill every starting position.

6.8. If a member cannot attend the draft and it is acceptable to them, they may appoint a designee that is not within the same league to draft for them, or they may autodraft.

6.9. League drafts will start at the agreed upon time. It is the member’s responsibility to make sure they are available.

7. Waivers

7.1. Waivers will open up immediately upon the conclusion of the draft.

7.2. FFDiscord Club leagues will operate under a FAAB system. Bids will be processed overnight Tuesday. Any remaining players after bids are processed will be free agents.

7.3. All teams will have a $100 FAAB budget to spend over the entire season, which includes the regular season and the playoffs.

7.4. The minimum bid for a waiver is $0.

7.5. If there is a tie between multiple teams on the amount bid for a player, the tiebreaker is determined by the priority order listed on the website hosting the leagues.

7.6. It is expected that all players in the NFL universe may be rostered. This rule may be dependent on the hosting site in question. FFDiscord Club commissioners do not have control over adding players into the system that are missing.

7.7. There is no limit on the number of acquisitions that can be performed over the season.

8. Trading

8.1. Trades will open up immediately upon the conclusion of the draft, and will remain open until the trade deadline, which is in week 13 of the NFL season.

8.2. Trades will not have a review period (effective immediately when accepted) and will be conducted under the integrity system.

8.3 If collusion is suspected (a trade where both teams are working together to improve only one team) any member can request a trade review. A lopsided trade will not be grounds for trade review.

8.4. The trade review will be run by the commissioners of the Club.

8.4a. If a commissioner is involved in the trade that is being reviewed, they will recuse themselves from the review.

8.5. If members are deemed to have colluded, both members are immediately removed from the Club.

8.6. FAAB budget may be traded.

8.7. There is no limit on the number of trades that can be performed.

9. Regular Season

9.1. The regular season will last through Week 14 of the NFL regular season.

9.2. The head-to-head matchup schedule will be auto-generated by Sleeper.

9.3. There are no divisions within a league. All teams will be in a single group.

9.4. Weekly head-to-head matchups will be determined by the points scored by a team’s starters.

9.5. In addition to weekly head-to-head matchups, there will be an additional game played against the median score of the league for that week by all members. The median score is defined in a 12-member league as the mean of the 6th and 7th place scores for that week. These games counts towards the league standings. For most weeks, this means the top six fantasy point scoring members of the league in a given week will earn an additional win, and the bottom six fantasy point scoring members of the league will earn an additional loss.

10. Valid Lineups

10.1. Lineups, both starting and bench players, lock individually at scheduled game time.

10.2. Each team is expected to field a valid lineup (no bye week players, no players on IR). See rule 10.5 for situations where an empty lineup slot is allowed.

10.3. In the event of a computer failure, the league member must contact a Commissioner via Discord to request a lineup substitution. The substitution must be made prior to each player locking. The lineup substitution request must not be an edited message so the timestamp can be verified. In the event of a request made before a lock, but the commissioner cannot address it before it locks, the commissioner will inform the member’s opponent of the situation, and retroactively set the lineup.

10.4. Empty lineup slots are permitted for strategic purposes. Examples include, but not limited to: benching a Monday night player when they are ahead of their opponent who does not have any more active players, not playing a kicker because they don’t want to drop a player, playing a player on bye because they don’t want to drop a player. Players that are going to play an empty lineup spot for strategic purposes need to declare their intent to a Commissioner or in the main FFDiscord Club channel.

10.5. Members that do not field a valid lineup must explain their reason, whether it be intentional or unintentional, before waivers clear the following week. Members that fail to do this will have their team considered abandoned, and eligible for mid-season replacement.

10.5a. If a member explains their reason after their team becomes eligible for mid-season replacement but before the team has been reassigned to a new owner, the Commissioners may remove the team’s eligibility for mid-season replacement and leave the team with the original owner at their discretion.

10.5b. If a member does not field a valid lineup for a player declared out due to IR announced that morning because of COVID-19, this is an acceptable reason.

10.6. Teams eligible for mid-season replacement will be filled in the following order:

  1. Potential members that waitlisted for the FFDiscord Club but did not receive a team.
  2. Potential members that volunteer to take over the team based on a notification on the team’s eligibility to receive a new owner on the Discord server.

10.6a. If a team eligible for mid-season replacement does not have an owner in time for upcoming games, the Commissioners will set the roster based on maximizing projected fantasy points listed on the website. No players will be added/dropped from the roster; this may cause a team to not field a valid lineup, particularly if a kicker or D/ST is on bye.

10.7. Members that fill a team mid-season will be given priority registration for the following season.

11. The Cup

11.1. The Cup is a single elimination tournament that takes place between all teams in all leagues.

11.2. The weeks before the first NFL bye week will be used to set seeding for the single elimination bracket. Seeding is based on Points For a manager earns during those weeks.

11.3. Starting in the first NFL bye week, teams will face off against one another based on their placement in the overall Cup bracket. The fantasy points a manager’s team scores in their weekly matchup will also apply to their Cup match.

11.4. The team winning the cup match will advance to the next round of the bracket. This will proceed until all but one team have been eliminated, who will be named the Cup Champion.

11.5. The bracket will be sized so that matchups only happen during bye weeks. If there are more bye weeks than rounds, later rounds will become two-week matchups.

12. Tiebreakers

12.1. There are no tiebreaker settings for regular season matches as fractional scoring does not frequently yield ties.

12.2. Tiebreakers for playoff seeds are broken in the following order:

  1. Highest Overall Record
  2. Most Points For
  3. Most Points Against

12.3. If a playoff match is tied, then the higher seed will advance.

12.4. If a Cup match is tied, then the higher seed will advance.

13. Playoffs

13.1. The playoffs will begin with NFL Week 15 and end at the conclusion of NFL Week 17.

13.2. The six teams with the best regular season records within each individual league will be eligible for the playoffs. Ties are broken based on the tiebreaking system in rule 11.2.

13.3. The top two seeds will receive a bye in the first round.

13.4. Playoff matches will be one-week playoff games.

14. League Hierarchy

14.1. The FFDiscord Club is distributed into two “tiers”: Tier One, and Tier Two. Tier One consists of a single 12-member league, known as the Champions League. Tier Two consists of multiple 12-member leagues, and can vary in quantity of leagues from season to season.

14.2. At the beginning of each season, all eligible members that are not within Tier One will be placed into one of the leagues within Tier Two. Placement in those leagues is done by random draw.

14.3. Members only play against opponents within his or her league.

14.4. There is only one champion per league (i.e. no ties or co-champions).

15. Promotion/Relegation

15.1. At the end of each season, a certain number of top and bottom members in each league will be promoted/relegated to the next higher/lower tier. These promotion and relegation zones are set at the beginning of the season, with sizes determined by roster size of the given and proximal tier and association pyramid structure.

15.1a. With four leagues within Tier Two, the Champions League bottom six finishers in the final standings will be relegated down to Tier Two. The winner of each Tier Two league will be promoted to the Champions League the following season. In addition, the player across Tier Two with the highest regular-season Points For that does not win their respective League will also be promoted to the Champions League the following season. Lastly, the player that wins The Cup will also receive a promotion to the Champions League.

15.2. In the case of any vacancy in the Champions League before the start of the season, the first open spot will be given to the member that had the highest Points-For across the Tier Two leagues at the end of the regular season that did not already receive a promotion to the Champions League, as long as they meet all other requirements for membership. This will continue until there is a full roster of 12 for the Champions League.

15.3. Under no circumstance will a member who finishes in the relegation zone of a tier return to that tier the following season, with the exception of winning The Cup, and during seasons which involve significant member realignment.

15.4. The promotion and relegation criteria for a given season will be determined and published before the start of the season.

15.5. If the NFL does not complete 17 regular-season weeks, then there will be no promotion/relegation for that season, and the following season will contain the same members in each tier. Players within a tier will be reshuffled if there are multiple leagues within the tier.

16. Rookie Members

16.1. New members to the FFDiscord Club will begin in Tier Two.

17. Re-Entry

17.1. If a member leaves the league for a season, when applying for re-entry, their past seasons may optionally count towards priority placement at the discretion of the commissioners.

17.2. Members removed from the FFDiscord Club for disciplinary reasons must be approved by a majority of the commissioners in order to be readmitted to the league.

18. League Growth and Expansion

18.1. In future seasons, as the number of members increases, leagues will be added in Tier Two to accommodate the growth.

19. Player Conduct

19.1. Don’t be a jerk, and be respectful to others. Abuse, disrespect, and assholishness are not tolerated. Don’t rage quit and drop all of your players when your team is out of the playoffs.

19.2. Failure to comply with rule 18.1 is grounds for removal from the league. Warnings can optionally be provided by commissioners, but are not required to be removed from the league.

20. Rules

20.1. Any situation not covered within the rules outlined above will be determined by the Commissioners of the Club. Their decision is final.

20.1a. If there is any rule clarification that directly involves a commissioner, the commissioner in question will recuse himself from the decision.

20.1b. If the ruling in question is pertinent to all leagues, these rules may be amended by the Commissioners for clarification going forward.

20.2. Any rules changes may be suggested to the Commissioners by members, but all rules changes will ultimately be determined by the Commissioners.

20.3. If there is a discrepancy between the published rules on this ruleset and the settings within the website hosting the leagues, the commissioners reserve the right to amend these rules mid-season to match the settings on the website hosting the leagues.